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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Court Action – Getting Paid What You Are Owed

Posted on 5th February 2015 by Andrew Cohen

1. Credit Control

The very best method of making sure that you get paid is good credit control.

For businesses: having a strong set of terms and conditions, and taking time and trouble to incorporate these into contracts with customers, can be an absolutely vital in getting money back.

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Enforcement – Getting Paid What You Are Owed

Posted on 4th February 2015 by Andrew Cohen

Congratulations on getting your judgment from the Court. You now have to enforce that judgment. There are several paths you can take.

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Commercial Property – Tips for First Time Tenants

Posted on 24th February 2015 by Raymond James

Taking on commercial premises for a start-up or expanding business can be an exciting part of a new business project, but there can be some strange terms used in the process that await the inexperienced. Here are some of the most common commercial property tips, and an explanation as to what they actually mean.

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W Davies Golf Day 2015

Posted on 20th February 2015 by Andrew Cohen

Our Golf Day is an annual event, which takes place at Guildford Golf Club each Summer.

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