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Mark Williams

Litigation & Disputes Team

Mark Williams’s areas of expertise include:

  • General Civil & Commercial Litigation
  • Contentious Probate and Estates Litigation
  • Construction Litigation
  • Insolvency Disputes

Contact Details

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Telephone: 01483 744900

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Reported Cases

    • Kingsley v Orban [2014] EWHC 2991. A case involving an appeal to overturn an order for costs and the sum awarded in respect of an application to set aside a statutory demand.
    • Presstek Europe Ltd v Multi-Digital De Impression SL [2012] EWHC 685 685. A case concerning the governing law and jurisdiction clause of a distribution agreement having a ‘lacuna’ in respect of injunctions, but on interpretation the court held the clause did not amount to an agreement for the English courts to have jurisdiction under Art 23(1).
    • Abernethy v Hotbed Ltd [2011] BPIR 1547. There was no material difference between the two tests of ‘real prospect of success’ and ‘genuine triable issue’ under r. 6.5(4)(b) Insolvency Rules 1986 when applying to set aside a statutory demand.
    • Village Investigations Ltd v Gardner & Metcalfe [2005] EWHC 3300. A company was only entitled to nominal damages where a copy of its database had been made in breach of a confidentiality clause as the information was publically available and no loss could be shown as no use had been made of it.
    • Apps v Weldtite Products & Wharmby Associates Ltd [2001] FSR 39. An action for design right and copyright infringement and misuse of confidential information relating to the design of stabilisers for children’s bicycles. Commissioner of design is the first owner and design subsists in whole as well as component parts. A trivial and merely technical copyright infringement does not entitle the copyright owner to relief.

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