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Why make a Lasting Power of Attorney?

Posted on 27th February 2019 by Sarah Chikhaoui

Care Home Fees and Life Interest Trusts in Wills

Posted on 15th February 2019 by Sarah Chikhaoui

An aging population and an increased need for individuals to be cared for in residential and nursing homes has led to an increase in care home fees with the average resident paying £26,000 per year.

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The importance of updating or creating your will when going through a divorce

Posted on 18th November 2018 by Sarah Chikhaoui

If you are separating or going through the process of divorce it is important that you arrange your affairs to reflect your changing circumstances. This would include updating your will.

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What does ‘Residence Nil Rate Band’ mean?

Posted on 23rd October 2018 by Sarah Chikhaoui


The so-called Residence Nil Rate Band (RNRB) is a recent but potentially very valuable allowance for Inheritance Tax (IHT).

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Frequently Asked Questions: Wills

Posted on 28th November 2016 by Bethany Prytherch

Our Wills specialist Lisa Fay gets asked questions about wills on a daily basis.

Here, we’ve summarised some of the most popular questions for you.

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What is a Deputyship?

Posted on 10th August 2016 by Bethany Prytherch

A Deputyship Order is an Order of the Court of Protection. It appoints a person or persons to deal with the affairs of a “Patient” who has lost mental capacity to deal with their own affairs. A Deputyship Order can be made in respect of property & financial affairs and/or health & welfare, though the latter is less common.

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How to Contest a Will

Posted on 4th June 2015 by Bethany Prytherch

“The Will is unfair and I want to challenge it”

“My mother would never have signed that Will”

“I didn’t expect to be cut out of my father’s Will”

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How Does the Summer Budget Affect Me? – IHT

Posted on 6th August 2015 by Bethany Prytherch

Inheritance Tax on leaving your house to your children: Changes to the rules and how they affect you

You will have heard that as a result of the summer Budget 2015, changes are being introduced in respect of Inheritance Tax (IHT) rules and allowances.

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LPAs – What Happens If You Lose Your Mental Capacity

Posted on 15th January 2015 by Bethany Prytherch

Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) were brought in on 1st October 2007 and are becoming increasingly important in allowing people you trust to manage your affairs in the event you lose mental capacity. This is emphasised by the fact that people are living longer and financial institutions in particular will not deal with the family members of an account holder who is unable to manage their affairs unless they have power of attorney.

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What is a Trust?

Posted on 7th January 2015 by Sarah Chikhaoui

This note will be of interest to:-

  • People who wish to minimise Tax paid on their death
  • People who wish to protect and or maintain control over their assets
  • People who wish to protect loved ones who are young or vulnerable
  • People who wish to protect assets they are giving to their children from the effects of the Divorce Laws or the re-marriage of a wife or husband after their death
  • People who wish to protect substantial personal injury damages from tax and the effects of the Divorce Laws.
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