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Litigation & Disputes

About Litigation & Disputes

The Litigation & Disputes department of W Davies helps companies, businesses and individuals alike to resolve their problems and disputes in the most cost-effective and practical way.

At W Davies our approach is to;

  • listen carefully to the issues involved
  • fully understand the problems you are facing
  • work out an effective strategy to help resolve the dispute.

Our solicitors are very experienced in court procedure. With disputes, court proceedings can sometimes be necessary; however we always regard court as the last resort. An out of court settlement is almost always quicker and cheaper for all concerned.

At W Davies we undertake and assist with;

  • civil court work (at all levels)
  • formal arbitrations
  • mediation of disputes.

If your problem falls outside the areas detailed on this site, or you cannot find what you are looking for, we may still be able to help as not all our areas of practice are fully detailed. Please call us on 01483 744900, we will be happy to discuss your problems further in strict confidence and then let you know how we can help.

Our solicitors are highly experienced in handling a wide range of disputes at all levels. There will, on occasion, be a problem we feel is beyond our expertise; in this case we will assist you in finding the best representation for your problem. With our solicitors’ many decades of combined litigation experience, these instances are few and far between.

For more information about Litigation and Disputes please contact Andrew Cohen at, or Freddie Lawson at