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The myth of the quickie divorce: How long does divorce really take?

Posted on 27th November 2016

You often read in the press that some celebrity has been granted a “quickie divorce”. This is a myth. There is no such thing as a “quickie divorce” granted in seconds. In order to obtain a divorce in England, there is a set procedure to follow…See full article

Can I do my own Divorce?

Posted on 19th February 2016

Online and DIY divorces can work for some. If the divorce is amicable, you have no children and there are no financial assets to split, doing your own divorce may seem like a quick, easy and cheap solution. However, be aware and be careful as it is never that simple…See full article

Sharland and Gohil: Supreme Court Confirms No Tolerance for Non-Disclosure

Posted on 16th October 2015

On Wednesday (14th October 2015), the Supreme Court handed down the much awaited judgments in the cases of Sharland v Sharland and Gohil v Gohil. The wives in both cases were granted the right to challenge their divorce settlements after the Supreme Court unanimously found that their husbands misled the courts in the original hearings…See full article

Ten Minute Motion on No Fault Divorce

Posted on 1st October 2015

On 13 October a Ten Minute Motion on the case for introducing no fault divorce will be debated in the House of Commons. The Motion has been brought by Conservative MP Richard Bacon. No fault divorce would avoid the unnecessary additional stress of having to give reasons for the divorce…See full article

How to Challenge or Amend a Divorce Petition

Posted on 29th September 2015

We frequently see clients who disagree with the divorce petition they have received and want to defend the petition. However, this may not always be the best option. If you are on the receiving end of a petition that you do not agree with there are a number of ways … See full article

A Call for Sweeping Changes to Laws on Divorce and Separation

Posted on 10th March 2015

On 23rd February 2015, Resolution, an organisation of family lawyers and other professionals committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes, launched its manifesto calling for sweeping changes to the law relating to divorce and separation… See full article

Failure to Pay Child Maintenance Set to Affect the Credit Rating of Non-payers

Posted on 21st January 2015

From March 2015 (subject to Parliamentary approval), the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) and Child Support Agency (CSA) will begin sharing certain information about the payment records of their clients with credit reference agencies… See full article

Sorting Out What Happens With Money After Divorce – Why You Absolutely Must Have a Court Order Dealing With Finances

Posted on 14th January 2015

It is often thought by divorcing couples that once they have obtained their Decree Absolute, and become divorced, that that is the end of the matter… See full article