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Our specialist employment solicitors advise businesses and organisations regarding redundancy procedure including advising in relation to appropriate selection matrices. Our team will draft all staff communications where required and will advise in connection with the handling of consultations and appeals, to avoid unfair dismissal claims.


Our team also advise individuals who have been notified that they are at risk of redundancy, those who are going through the consultation period and those going through the appeal procedure.


Involvement in an early stage assists if matters then become contentious.


Our team will advise as to the prospects of unfair and/ or wrongful dismissal claims from the employer and employee prospective. Our team will prepare settlement agreements on behalf of employers, where appropriate, and can provide employees with advice so as to understand how much redundancy pay or what kind of redundancy package they may be entitled to when presented with such an agreement or during the course of the redundancy procedure generally.


If matters do become contentious, our specialist employment team can guide you through the tribunal procedure, draft appropriate documentation and assist in negotiation where necessary.


Should you wish to discuss your individual or business situation, please contact Caroline Batko at cab@wdavies.com

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