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Personal Insolvency

Insolvency can have a devastating effect on individuals and businesses, whether they are insolvent themselves or whether it is the insolvency of others connected to them. Whilst the economy is improving, we recognise the current economic climate remains challenging for businesses of all sizes, as well as the individuals behind such businesses.


How can we help you?

W Davies provides practical advice and assistance in respect of all insolvency related issues, and those affected by it.

We can advise companies, individuals, partnerships, insolvency practitioners, liquidators, LPA receivers, directors, accountants and trustees in respect of any aspect of insolvency. We can also undertake any court action or procedure as may be appropriate or necessary.

We can also advise creditors and businesses in respect of any potential or actual insolvency of a supplier or customer, and what practical and legal debt recovery steps can be taken in order to protect the business as much as possible in respect of debtors in the future. Please see the Debt Recovery section of our Dispute Resolution page for further information.

W Davies can also introduce clients to suitable Insolvency Practitioners.


Insolvency Services

Our areas of insolvency expertise include issues relating to:

  • Bankruptcy
  • IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangements)
  • Liquidations
  • Court proceedings
  • Pre-packs & Restructuring
  • Administrative Receiverships
  • Administrations

If you are concerned by any issue relating to insolvency, then please call us for a confidential chat. We would be delighted to help.


Individual Insolvency

W Davies fully understands the tremendous impact bankruptcy can have on your life and on those around you.

We will assess whether bankruptcy is an appropriate option for you if you have assets to protect, or whether debt management with key creditors or a voluntary arrangement would be more beneficial and suitable alternative. We can put you in touch with a suitable Insolvency Practitioner if necessary and advisable.

If you are concerned by your solvency or have been served with a Statutory Demand, then please call us for a confidential chat.


Individual Insolvency Services

W Davies advises on all aspects of personal insolvency, ranging from bankruptcy to voluntary arrangements and includes:

  • Setting aside Statutory Demands
  • Annulment of bankruptcy orders
  • Trustee in Bankruptcy issues
  • Insolvency Litigation
  • IVA’s.

We also advise former directors of liquidated companies in respect of actions or threatened actions against them by the liquidator in respect of preference and transactions at an undervalue claims, as well as any claims of misfeasance and wrongful trading or director disqualification proceedings.

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