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W Davies has a solid tradition of providing legal advice to charitable institutions and other not-for-profit and non-governmental organisations. For example, our firm has acted as solicitors to Woking Hospice since its foundation. We also advise its sister organisation, the Sam Beare Hospice.


Charities can take various forms:

  • Incorporated (often, a company limited by guarantee; in the case of registered social landlords, it is usually an industrial and provident society)
  • Unincorporated (which may be referred to as an association)
  • Trusts


How can we help you?

W Davies can assist charities in all stages of their operation, commencing with their formation. Throughout a charity’s lifetime, our legal guidance can include the following:

  • Incorporating an existing charity (for the benefit of limited liability status)
  • Merging with another charity and
  • Re-drafting or amending the constitutional documents following a re-organisation.
  • If required, our lawyers will assist in the legal aspects of a charity’s dissolution


Charity Services

In day-to-day operations, a charity will be involved in a wide range of legal issues. To meet these, our charity clients can benefit from the wide range of legal expertise our departments can provide.

This expertise covers areas such as:

  • Charity constitutions
  • Trustee advice
  • Real Estate purchase, sale or rental
  • Employment advice
  • Dispute resolution
  • Intellectual Property issues
  • Questions regarding legacies and wills

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