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  • The formation of limited companies and limited partnerships
    • We can provide advice and assistance when setting up a limited company or limited partnership
  • Articles of Association, shareholder and partnership agreements.
    • A shareholders’ agreement is entered into by the current shareholders in a company, to provide the business with internal stability and guidance. Together with the articles of association, a shareholders’ agreement can set down rules about which decisions must be made unanimously and which decisions can be made by a majority vote. A shareholders’ agreement can also be an important when trying to raise capital for your business.
  • The purchase or sale of a business including:
    • Sale of assets or shares;
    • Associated property matter;
    • Advice on employment and TUPE (working closely with our Employment Team);
    • Warranties and indemnities

  • Business re-structure.
    • It must always be kept in mind that if your business is struggling and indeed might be facing insolvency, then the Directors’ obligation is to act in the best interest of the creditors and not of the shareholders. In such a case, it may be necessary to consider any of the following: rearranging the assets or liabilities of the business, discontinuing a line of business, significantly changing the size and scope of the business’ operations, making extensive employee cutbacks, or managing a business transition.  Our solicitors will work closely with our Employment Team to ensure that you receive the most appropriate and cost effective advice, reducing the risks of any employment related claims following any such restructure.
    • Whatever the difficulty, our Corporate solicitors can assist you in making the best choices.  We will offer our expert knowledge of all the legal requirements and will focus on the most effective solution, so that you can firstly face and then overcome your business concerns.
  • Joint venture agreements including:
    • Setting up;
    • Change and dissolution.

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