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Supply Terms & Conditions

In the course of your business, you will supply goods or services, or perhaps both. In any case, the supply of these should be provided in the form of a set of Terms & Conditions (“T&Cs”) which are standard for your business (subject to certain variations, as may be appropriate). Frequently, smaller transactions may be based on these standard T&Cs, sometimes with a few variations. In larger transactions, the T&Cs may form part of your overall Agreement with your clients / customers.


Agreements for the Supply of Goods

Usually, such agreements will cover the following matters:

  • A description of the goods being sold
  • The price
  • Dates and means of delivery
  • Dates and means of payment
  • How to deal with defective goods

Any limitations on liability

Agreements for the Supply of Service

Such agreements describe the terms and conditions under which the business will provide services to its customers. As with agreements for the sale of goods, agreements for the supply of services may be on standard terms (perhaps with some variations). Alternatively, they may be heavily amended, to meet the circumstances of a specific matter. The following issues will usually be included:

  • A Description of the services
  • The extent of the services
  • Specification of any deliverables
  • The time-frame during which the services are to be supplied
  • Details of fees and any other payments
  • Any limitations on liability

Agreements for the Supply of Goods & Service

Frequently, an agreement provides for the supply of both goods and services. We can assist you in the negotiating and/or drafting of such agreements, or advise you on amending your existing standard T&Cs. We always seek to take a commercial as well as a legal approach. From that, we tailor the T&Cs of any agreement to comply with your business model in the most effective for you.

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