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Employment Law for Employers

Our team of specialist Employment solicitors can advise you and your HR team in all areas of Employment law when you need help with employment issues.


How can we help you?

As expert Employment Lawyers, W Davies will provide a swift and accurate analysis of any employment situation, problem or dispute. We combine this with practical legal advice and assistance to help implement all the necessary steps to address the problem, whether this be by mediation, negotiation or, as a last resort, litigation.

We will work with you to agree a strategy to ensure the best result for your business. We will endeavour to negotiate the settlement of any issue for you in the most cost effective manner possible. Furthermore, we will ensure your business is protected in any settlement reached.

We always recommend that you involve us from the start. A suitable degree of advice taken at an early stage in any matter involving redundancy, disciplinary procedure, grievance, discrimination or any other potentially problematic area is an excellent investment. You will find that this saves substantial cost, hassle and risk at a later date.

As an employer, you can request our assistance throughout each step in an employment matter. This could commence with advice on the handling of internal procedures right through to the conclusion of the matter before an Employment Tribunal or Court.

We are happy to provide ‘one off’ consultations to enable you to deal with specific problems or issues.


HR Support For Your Team

We’ll enable you to set up robust contractual and policy documentation tailored to meet the needs of any type of industry and any size of employer – ranging from an SME or startup with one employee, through to multi-national corporations with thousands of employees. Simply, if your policy and contractual documentation is in order, it is likely that the number of employment issues that your business will encounter will reduce.

W Davies can provide confidential help and assistance regarding your staff policies and procedures. This is intended to make your HR team’s role more straightforward and to minimise risks should things go wrong.

In addition to specific problem cases or issues, we can also help HR departments or individuals implement structural changes or tackle specific employment related projects or issues. For example, W Davies can assist HR managers in dealing with planned redundancies, mergers and takeovers, maternity and paternity issues, dismissals and performance issues, as well as more practical guidance on how to effectively manage employees with health-related issues and their ability to continue in their role.

We will help ensure that your team have a comprehensive understanding of employer’s and employee rights and can guide them on how best to implement the most appropriate strategy in resolving any employment issue or problem.


Employment Services

From recruitment to post-termination issues and everything in between, including:

  • Employment Contracts and staff handbooks
  • Implementing best employment practice and procedure
  • Redundancy and Collective Consultations
  • Company Reorganisation and Transfer of Undertakings Regulations (T.U.P.E)
  • Disciplinary & Grievance procedures
  • Workplaces disputes
  • Settlement (Compromise) Agreements
  • Confidentiality & Data Protection
  • Post termination restrictions: Covenants, Enforcement and Injunctions
  • Sick and injured employees
  • Discrimination issues
  • Retirement
  • Maternity, Paternity & Adoption Rights
  • Employment Tribunal Hearings & Litigation

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