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W Davies provides practical advice and assistance in respect of all insolvency related issues, and those affected by it.

We can advise companies, individuals, partnerships, insolvency practitioners, liquidators, LPA receivers, directors, accountants and trustees in respect of any aspect of insolvency. We can also undertake any court action or procedure as may be appropriate or necessary.

We can also advise creditors and businesses in respect of any potential or actual insolvency of a supplier or customer, and what practical and legal debt recovery steps can be taken in order to protect the business as much as possible in respect of debtors in the future.

W Davies can also introduce clients to suitable Insolvency Practitioners.

Our areas of insolvency expertise include issues relating to:

  • Bankruptcy and IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangements)
  • Liquidations
  • Pre-packs & Restructuring
  • Administrative Receivership
  • Administrations
  • Statutory demands and applications to set aside
  • Winding up proceedings
  • Personal Guarantees
  • Receivership


Debt Recovery 

W Davies regularly acts for a number of companies and organisations to help them recover their debts. We recognise that your business – especially in the current economic climate – needs the fastest possible, effective service to recover debts owed to it.

W Davies is not a ‘bulk’ debt collection firm – we pride ourselves in providing you with a personal service and in being able to tailor the debt recovery strategy to suit your particular circumstances and, of course, those of your debtor.

We fully understand and recognise that in some circumstances you have to be careful and discreet in how you pursue some of your debtors – especially if the debtor is an important customer or if you need to maintain a certain kind of reputation. We will give you frank advice on the ultimate questions which arise in a debt case. The chief of these queries is whether the debtor has any money.

Should you wish to discuss your individual or business situation, please contact Caroline Batko at cab@wdavies.com

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